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Short Bios

Dr. Greg Steiner, 9th degree Chief Master
Dr. Greg Steiner, DC.
Dr. Greg Steiner, DC is now a 10th degree senior grand master in the Park System of Kenpo-Jujutsu and designated as the next in line 1successor for the Kajukenpo Kenpo-Jujutsu Association. Chief Steiner began martial arts training in the early 1970's and earned his first rank in a Chinese Gung Fu style. His family moved around a lot in those early years and during that time he was exposed to kenpo karate, two variants of Tae Kwon Do, Kyokushin-kai Karate, Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and an unusual Vietnamese style brought to the US by a "boat person" and former Vietnamese Ranger. Over time he became a 5th degree in Shorin-Ryu Karate with cross training in Aiki-Jutsu and weapons. It was during these years that he also honed his skills in western boxing, Arnis-de-Mano and Escrima. He started training at the Southern Methodist University Kenpo-Jujutsu black belt club which is where he first met Michael Park and they became training partners in a very arduous practice of a Motobu-Ryu based system of Kenpo-Jujutsu. After returning to Dallas from an extended stay in Europe Dr. Steiner continued intensive training in Kajukenbo and Kenpo Karate with Michael Park at his school in Plano, Texas. Chief Steiner's fitness level, education and martial art skills make him an ideal senior to senior to represent the Kajukenpo Kenpo-Jujutsu Association as a red/silver belt and next in line successor.

1Daniel Wade Park is the blood line family member who is the designated successor to the Park System.
Michael Stallings 8th Degree Master
Mr. Michael Stallings
Mr. Michael Stallings was promoted in 2016 to 8th degree chief master in the Park Method of Kenpo-Jujutsu. Master Stallings has studied martial arts for decades including Kajukenbo and one the root arts of that system called Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate). He is also accomplished teacher in the internal Chinese art of Chi Gong. Master Stallings inherited the Park Cities YMCA class when his teacher Grand Master Kevin Henry retired. He still shares these responsibilities with Master Theresa Towner. For the past several years Michael has brought his mixed martial art experience to the Park School (Kajukenbo Kenpo Jujutsu Association) in an earnest study of Kenpo-Karate.
Dr. John Mellby, PhD. 8th Degree Master
Dr. John Mellby, PhD.
Dr. John Mellby, PHD is now a 9th degree grand master in the Park Method of Kenpo-Jujutsu and a Professor of Kajukenbo. John started his martial arts training in graduate school at the Ohio State University in 1973 under Greer Golden. He achieved his first black belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate. Once he settled in Plano Texas Dr. Mellby studied Okinawa Karate for a number of years and he became very accomplished at fencing studying the foil and epae for over eight years with the Plano Renaissance Fencing Club. Looking to return to more traditional martial arts, he began the study of Aikido under Park sensei at the Silver Bridge Dojo (Aikido Schools of America) and eventually earned a 3rd. degree black belt in Aikido. It was during these years that Michael Park began to introduce some special classes to a select few students in Kajubenbo Kenpo Jujutsu and this along with a special in-person seminar with Sijo Adriano Emperado the founder of the style prompted Master to study this Kenpo Karate art full time.
José R. Vargas 4th Degree Black Belt
José R. Vargas
Mr. Jose R. Vargas is now a 6th degree senior instructor in the Park Method of Kenpo-Jujutsu and the head of the Kajukenbo Kenpo-Karate Association with schools in Lewisville, Texas and the state of Tennessee. Jose began his martial arts training in 1992 under the famous Grand Master Jose L. (Cherry) Ortega while attending the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico in the city of Aguadilla. He trained in traditional "old school" Kajukenbo until he left the island in 1998. He would later add Kajukenbo Kosho-Ryu Kenpo training under the supervision of GM Ortega. His job called for him to move to Texas where he was eventually able to search for martial art classes again. He found the Park School (Kajukenbo Kenpo Jujutsu Association) and after visiting the school and observing the quality of classes a few times, he was invited to join. It was at the Plano school that he was introduced to the Park System and his lineage which includes his Grand Master, Jim Kaleohano Roberts, a direct student of the founder Sijo Emperado and later the lineage of GM Robert's classmate GGM Aleju Reyes to SGM Alii Don Nahoolewa, and others including GGM Richard Peralta from the original or Kenpo-Karate branch of Kajukenbo. Mr. Vargas operates an affiliated school in Lewisville, Texas while still training diligently at the Park school in Plano, Texas. He is a dedicated student and teacher of Kenpo Karate and a valued personal uke for Professor Park.
Jake McCalmon 3rd Degree Black Belt
Jake McCalmon
Mr. Jake McCalmon is now a 5th degree instructor in the Park Method of Kenpo-Jujutsu and the Tennessee director for the Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute (KSDI). Jake began his martial arts training in 2005 in the Ramos method of Kajukenbo Kenpo, under Sigung Andres Marquez III (in the lineage of Ahgung Tony Ramos via Grand Master Calvin Shin), in Fairfield, CA. Before being able to reach his first Dan, Jake left to finish school, moved and married. Jake returned to his martial arts study in 2009 under Al Tracy's style of Kenpo, however in 2011, Jake relocated to Texas when his company moved out of California. Jake took up the study of American Freestyle Karate, where he earned his first degree black belt, and also studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He discovered Kenpo-Karate of Plano in 2014 and was immediately intrigued with the opportunity to return to his roots in Kajukembo Kenpo and to train under Grand Master Park's tutelage. Jake has some experience in Escrima, Judo, and the Japanese sword. Jake is an avid student of the martial arts, and is honored to be part of the Park System and Kajukenpo Kenpo-Jujutsu Association.