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The Chief


Michael D. Park, Chief Grand Master

Michael D. Park, Chief Grand Master

Michael D. Park, Chief Grand Master
Michael D. Park Chief Grand Master
1 Michael D. Park is the Kajukenbo Professor (Since 2009) and founder of the Kajukenbo Kenpo-Jujutsu Association. He is also a grand master of Kenpo-Jujutsu and a member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame. He began martial arts training in his home state of Texas in 1965. His first black belt promotion was delayed until 1969 when as a Staff Sergeant E-6 on leave from the US Army he was tested for his 1st degree. He would later graduate from the Counterintelligence School for Officers and Special Agents.

In 1972 as a Police Officer with the Washington D.C. Special Operations Div. he was added to the KSDI Kajukenbo (Kenpo branch) black belt ohana (family tree) under his instructor, native Hawaiian Jim Kaleohano Roberts a direct student and 9th degree who was promoted by Sijo-Adriano D. "Sonny" Emperado the founder of Kajukenbo. At age 72 these facts make Michael Park one of the most senior black-belts in the world-wide Kajukenbo family of black belts going back to Sijo Adriano Emperado and his instructor Professor William Kwai Sun Chow of US Hawaii.

In 1974 while a career professional with the US Marshals (supervisor / inspector) Park opened the first karate school in Plano, Texas. In 1994 as a member in the Southern Methodist University (SMU) black belt club he was promoted to 8th degree in an Okinawa style of Kenpo-Jujutsu. Over the decades he also earned a 4th degree black belt in international Aikido from Bill Sosa and Lynn Fabia, a 2nd degree in Korean Kuk Sool from Jay Lee of Houston and high degrees in two of the root systems of Kajukenbo (1) Japanese Jujutsu and (2) Korean Tang Soo Do (Karate) pin #16326. He credits Chief Al Tejero of the Hawaii CHA-3 Kenpo brotherhood with showing him some of the Kenpo ground work or "Shoe Time" he teaches his own students today. After intensive special training from John Damian in Aikido, Park was appointed as the first agency sponsored defensive tactics instructor for the US Marshals Special Operations Group (SOG).

After several individual lessons and small group classes in the "Peralta Method" of Kajukenbo, Great Grand Master Richard Peralta introduced Park to Alii-Don Nahoolewa and sponsored him for 8th degree membership in the American Kajukembo Association. (see the original AKA membership card). Michael served as the vice president for AKA and was presented with the Aleju Reyes Kajukenbo Achievement Award. His Professor certificate was awarded in 2009 by Chief Don Nahoolewa.

In 2013 GGM Al Tracy promoted Park in person to 9th degree in the Kenpo International Black-Belt Society (Yudanshakai). During the 2017 Gathering of Eagles in Dallas, Texas Professor Park was inducted in the Kenpo International Hall of Fame. On 09/30/17 he went before a board of examiners and was recognized by Grand Master Ron Van Browning of San Soo Gung Fu and others as a grand master and founder. With the recommendation of SGM Ted Sumner Park was later promoted to 10th degree Grand Master in Kenpo-Karate and GM Mark Tracy signed his certificate for his father (Al Tracy) from the Tracy International Studios of Self Defense.

The Obligation to Pass the Light

The martial art of Kajukenbo Kenpo-Jujutsu is a "living system" that continues to evolve and grow. As a Grand Master in Kenpo-Karate and a lineage Professor in Kajukenbo (Kenpo branch) I have always practiced martial art as a serious "avocation" and not a profession due to my full-time career as a soldier, lawman, federal agent and now as a business owner and entrepreneur.

As a senior at age 72 and one who has studied several martial arts and mastered a few of these to the best of my abilities I have every right and even the obligation to pass on a particular system that Includes the best of what I have been taught. The Kajukenbo Kenpo-Jujutsu Association (Park Method) serves as the organization that administers this system. We honor Sijo Adriano Emperado and all the masters, chief masters, grand masters and professors in our lineage.

The authority vested in me through rank, title, lineage and tradition is also earned in my performance of techniques and those of my direct students that help define and expand the system. I do not claim to be the best in the world especially as we all know age and injuries provide a diminishing return in physical performance. What I can say however with confidence is that what I teach has been influenced by the Kajukenbo founder Adriano Emperado and several of the world's best. I have strived to incorporate that collective knowledge in the Park Method of Kajukenbo Kenpo-Jujutsu.
"Practice well and mimic the best instructor available to you and you will benefit from all those that have gone before. Over time you will awaken the system within you and eventually add to the body of knowledge we call Kajukenbo Kenpo-Jujutsu (Park Method)".
There is strength in numbers and value in a strong identity. I invite you to keep the traditions, logos, name identity and techniques already established within this association even while you add techniques of a like kind.

If you are an adult and have not discovered the world of martial art, I invite you to accept the challenge and try it out for about 50 years before you decide. You can do this! "Pass the Light Straight and Well."

Michael D. Park
Kajukenbo Professor
Kenpo-Jujutsu Grand Master

1 "Professor" (TCBO-1) is the Sr. Grand Master and founder of the Kenpo International Karate Society.
2 See the first generation direct students of Sijo-Adriano Emperado on the comprehensive ohana chart
3 See the 8th degree membership card when Park first joined the American Kajukembo Association
4 Unlike most other Kajukenbo organizations GM Nahoolewa began calling 7th degree a "Professor"