Kajukenbo Kenpo Jujutsu Association

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About The Plano, Texas School

Kajukenbo Kenpo Jujutsu Association (Park Method)

Our no-contract monthly tuition is kept low and everyone pays the same amount. You can join anytime! Classes are limited but scheduled after rush-hour for convenience. Some of the members get together during off times or weekends to practice and we have special seminars or events when scheduled in advance. Make time to become a BLACK BELT!

Tuition is $80.00 per month or $120.00 for a family (same household). Annual association membership is $40.00.


We have an "open" membership policy meaning everyone from a beginner to grand master is welcome to join the headquarters school in Plano, Texas. We welcome new affiliate schools and we will train and certify black-belts from other martial arts in our Kajukenbo Kenpo- Jujutsu.

Affiliated schools join free for the first year and annual renewal fees remain low ($40.00). The certificate of affiliation (license) is issued in the name of the head instructor (senior black belt) for each location. See our embroidered back patch worn on the uniform. The official back patch and Park school patches may be ordered from the headquarters in Plano, Texas USA. Put some pride and tradition in your training! Contact us for an appointment to visit our school.