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The Kajukenbo Kenpo Jujutsu Association (Park Method) is based in Plano, Texas USA a suburb of north Dallas. Special order videos are $100.00 each and may be purchased by any Association member in good standing by contacting the headquarters in Plano, Texas USA. The Association, Professor Park, certified instructors or any of our representatives shall not be liable to anyone for the use or mis use of any of these videos. Please e-mail your request: Contact Form

DISCLAIMER: Martial Arts, like any sport, involve a potential risk for serious injury. The techniques used in our video clips are being demonstrated by martial art professionals and are being shown solely for entertainment purposes. The video clips are not a substitute for professional instruction and supervision, and no one should attempt any of these techniques without proper personal instruction from trained instructors. Anyone who attempts any of these techniques, under supervision or not, assumes all risks.

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